Playmates Childrens
Day Nursery

Opening Times

Playmates in Wellingborough is open every working day (We are not open for a week at Christmas):
7:45am to 5:45pm.

Nursery fees

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Our prices are listed below with times per slot. Prices from 01.04.2019. You can add a lunch session to Morning or Afternoon sessions. A Full week or Full day includes lunch.
Time periodUnder 2 years old2 year olds3+ years old
Full Day (7:45am to 5:45pm)
Includes Breakfast, Lunch and High Tea
£45 £44.5 £44
One Morning (7:45am to 12noon)
Includes Breakfast
£21 £20.5 £20
One Afternoon (1:15pm to 5:45pm)
Includes High Tea
£23.5 £23 £22
Lunch session
12noon - 1:15pm, Hot Lunch meal provided. Combined with Afternoon or Morning session
£7 £7 £7
Full Week (7:45am to 5:45pm)
Includes Breakfast, Lunch and High Tea
£210 £207 £205
Additional Hours
Per hour; extend other sessions
£6 £6 £6


I want my child who is 2 years old to come and I also want my child to receive lunch and stay until the end of lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Monday Morning£20.5
Tuesday Morning£20.5
Wednesday Morning£20.5
Monday Lunch£7
Tuesday Lunch£7
Wednesday Lunch£7
Total Cost:£82.5

Each Morning is £20.5.
3 x £20.5 is £61.5.
Each Lunch is £7.
3 x £7 is £21.

Added together the total cost is £82.5

Your child would arrive at 7:45am, have breakfast, then lunch, and leave at 1.15pm for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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