Baby and Toddler Room

Playmates Childrens Day Nursery Provision for Children aged 3 months - 2 years.

Starting nursery can be a daunting prospect and a time of mixed emotions, but at Playmates you'll find qualified staff with baby and toddler room facilities geared to caring for your little one. There's also lots of support and settling-in expertise for children as well as parents and carers.

Our Baby and Todder Room

Our self-contained Baby and Toddler Room is a calm environment that makes sure your little ones feel secure and comfortable and can accommodate up to 9 babies.

You will have an individual Key Person allocated to your little ones progress and any significant events are all carefully noted and placed in your child's own Learning Journal . Our qualified team also get to know each of the babies and toddlers very well and consult with parents regularly to enable them to follow each little one's individual home routine and are enthusiastic about sharing with you everything your little one has done that day.

Your Little One will Receive

  • Baby play focused on the development of sensory skills. We encourage our babies to think, explore and experiment.
  • Lots of smiles, hugs, praise and reassurance
  • Action songs and rhymes
  • Frequent checks during sleep times
  • Communication book between home and nursery for babies
  • Older Babies and toddlers will enjoy delicious, healthy choice of finger foods and practice time with spoons, cups and beakers
  • Age-appropriate toys and exciting play experiences with fun activities in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework
  • Outdoor play

Worried About Saying Goodbye?

Most babies from eight months on take time to adjust to their new surroundings. Separation wobbles are completely normal. However, with time your child will settle in at Playmates and our friendly team, handover time will soon become familiar and easier.

Like To Visit or Want to Find Out More?

Call 01933 442121 or email to arrange a time for a show round of our Baby and Toddler Room. You can talk to us about your child's individual wants and needs and discuss any concerns you might have about starting nursery.